Few words about Chiarano:

Chiarano, or Clarano as it was historically called, is recognized by the province of Treviso as the Land of Villas. This recognition has been given due to the many Venetian Villas found throughout Chiarano. It is not a secret that this land was often visited by the aristocrats of the Venetian Republic;

in fact, these mansions were constructed for them for the purpose of spending summer vacations inland. In that period, the Venetian lagoon was much wider than it is today, and there were only few navigable canals that were used to connect the islands with the mainland.

One of these few was the Piavon canal, which is located right at the end of our vineyard. It was through this canal that these aristocratic families brought their wealth to Chiarano.

Distances from A Casa di Paola:

Beaches of the Adriatic Sea

Lido di Jesolo 31 Km
Caorle 34 Km
Bibione 50 Km
Lignano 60 Km
venezia jesolo oderzo treviso conegliano caorle

Other tourist spots

Oderzo Km 10 Udine Km 75
Portobuffolè Km 20 Belluno Km 79
Conegliano Km 32 Bassano Del Grappa Km 80
Treviso Km 35 Padova Km 83
Vittorio Veneto Km 44 Trieste Km 107
Venezia Km 60 Vicenza Km 112
Valdobbiadene Km 60 Cortina D’Ampezzo Km 128
Asolo Km 66 Verona Km 158
Pordenone Km 69 Sirmione - Lago di Garda Km 189